8 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Think Your Teen May be Using Drugs

Posted By Admin on Feb 7, 2017 | 0 comments

It’s perfectly natural to worry that your teen is using drugs. But how do you know that that’s what’s going on? We have compiled a list of eight questions you can ask yourself.

1. How does she look? Do her eyes look bloodshot? Does she look tired all of the time? Has she had drastic weight changes? Has she gotten lazy about personal grooming? These may all be indications that she is using drugs.

2. Is she having trouble at school? How is her attendance? How are her grades? Are her teachers complaining about her performance? These are all warning signs you need to be aware of.

3. How is she doing with her job or extracurricular activities? Is her attendance in these things suffering? Is her job performance suffering? Does she no longer have the motivation to be involved in these activities? These are all things to be concerned about.

4. Are you missing money, prescription medication, or other items? If you are missing money or prescription medication, she may be taking these things from you. Take an inventory of your things.

5. What kind of movies, music, television, and books is she enjoying? Does she have an obsession with rap songs about drugs? Does she have a preoccupation with television shows about crystal meth? These may be indications she is involved with drug use.

6. Is she demanding more privacy than usual? Is she locking her door more than usual? Is she avoiding eye contact? Is she clearing her browser history or deleting her messages in her phone? You should grant your teen a certain amount of privacy. However, if she is placing a lot more importance on privacy than usual, it may be a red flag.

7. Is she hanging out with new people? Has her usual friend group changed? Is she hanging out new places? Is she lying to you about who she is hanging out with? Keep these things in mind.

8. Is she behaving strangely? Is she having unexplained mood changes? Is she having periods of hyperactivity? Does she get very irritable at nothing? Does she burst out laughing for no reason? These may be things you need to keep a look out for.