Monitoring Your Teenager’s Phone is Crucial For Their Safety and Your Peace of Mind

Posted By Admin on Oct 5, 2017 | 0 comments

Being a parent of a teenager is terrifying especially in this day and age. That’s because parents have a whole new slew of problems to look out for. It’s all thanks to technology. Social media has become so advanced that teens practically live on it. Unfortunately, that means that social media can really take a mental toll on a teenager. That’s why parents should always be keeping a watchful eye on their teen’s phone, no matter how much their teen resists. It’s crucial for keeping them happy and safe.


Parents need to monitor their teen’s phone for bullying. In the past several years, bullying has become more prevalent online. That’s because there are so many different platforms that can be utilized. Instagram is an app where users post photos, many of them opt for selfies. Unfortunately, that’s a stomping ground for bullies. Teenagers are so critical of one another and many bullying happens on Instagram. They can create anonymous accounts or flat out call someone ugly through the app. It happens a lot and therefore, you need to be monitoring what type of activities your teen is doing on their phone. This bullying isn’t just reserved for Instagram. It’s also seen through Snapchat, Facebook, and even Twitter.


Not all social media apps are safe. Predators can be lurking on apps like Facebook, Skout, and Kik. What happens is that these predators usually pose as teenagers in order to get younger girls. They send fake pictures, act cute and innocent, and try to lure your teenager to a spot to meet. They also solicit teenagers for inappropriate photos. Being a teenager is hard, and sometimes teens are desperate for companionship. When they think they’ve met a great guy, they will do anything. That’s what predators prey on and it can have serious consequences if your teenager tries to meet one of them. Therefore, make sure you know exactly who your teen is talking to at all times. Chatrooms are also notorious for sexual predators.


Teenagers don’t realize just how prevalent identity theft is online. Teenagers are unaware of all the dangers that are out there because they haven’t had personal experience with it. Therefore, they are very forthcoming with information. Teenagers who buy things online can end up unknowingly giving away all there personal information such as address, social security number, credit card info, and more. Teenagers also have been known to overshare information on Facebook such as exact address and current location. All of that information is a gold mine for identity thieves.


Finally, it’s not good for your teenager to spend too much time online. Make sure you’re monitoring just how much time is spent so that you can ensure that they get a break. Remind them to turn off the phone and go outside occasionally. Overall, a phone is a privilege for teenagers. It’s a way you can keep in contact with them and make sure they’re safe. You just have to keep a watchful eye on their social media and who they are texting. Safety is always key.